Rescue cases

We will tell you about some of the biggest and most important issues we have experienced.
Every year we get about 100 cases – everything between thin horses and long hoofs. About every 3 cases will be reported to the police.

Glámur – an icelandic horse

Area: Fyn – 2022

2 horses was handed over to us. One horse was a very thin Icelandic horse.


Area: Jutland – 2021

We received a report of an extremely thin horse and a pony tied to a post

Katinka and Ally

Area: Jutland – 2020

A pony and a Irish Cob were voluntarily handed over to us, as the owner was unable to look after the horses.

Bellis and Følfod

Area: Fyn – 2019

After a police report, the owner of 2 skinny horses chose to voluntarily hand over the horses to us.

The mini shettys

Area: Jutland – 2017

7 mini shettys didn´t had any farrier for a very long time. The result was extreme long hooves and pain when they had to move around.

Two thin ponies for sale

Area: Fyn – 2016

We saw a field of emaciated horses and decided to help 2 of them. Inside the dark barn stood the thin horses packed together.

The horses from Ørbæk

Area: Fyn – 2015

Several horses stood on a field without feed, shade or clean water. The horses were also thin. The police did not really do anything. It was very frustrating.


Area: Jutland – 2014

A little pony stallion was so starved that he almost could not stand on his legs.

Deformed hoofs and legs

Area: Jutland – 2013

A foal grew up in spite of the fact that it could hardly stand on the legs due to deformed hoofs. It was very painful to the foal.

14 horses at a slagterauktion

Area: North of Jutland – 2012

14 trotters had been removed by the police, who eventually chose to put them for sale at a slaughter auction.

Finess og Freja

Area: North of Jutland – 2011

An online sales ad showed some thin and dirty horses for sale in a dark stable

Mistreated donkeys

Area: Fyn – 2010

Some donkeys lived under very bad conditions with long hoofs and too little to eat.

Betsen – a racehorse

Area: Fyn – 2009

A retired racehorse was found on a field without any proper food. The horse was very emaciated.

A little red pony

Area: Fyn – 2008

A little red pony was scratched on a slope and could not rise because of hunger and exhaustion


Area: Fyn – 2007

Three riding school ponies should enjoy their otium. Unfortunately, it ended up completely wrong for them.

Anaconda and Lukas

Area: North of Jutland – 2006

nyt Hesteliv’s first animal rescue case. A horse and a pony stood half dead of hunger. In the stable stood another horse that no one knew was there.