Welcome to nyt Hesteliv

nyt Hesteliv means “new horselife” or “a new life for horses”.

The pages in English are not fully translated, only few pages to explain the concept and background, and how to donate money either through a sponsorship or with a single donation.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail: 

info@nyt-hesteliv.dk or

telephone +45 48795865 (10.00-15.00)

Your donation will help us help a horse in need

You can become a sponsor for a horse by paying a monthly fee, or you can donate an amount of your choice once.

Use one of the buttons below that will take you to a payment page.

Your support is used to help the horses and cover some of the expenses for feed, vet, blacksmith, etc. You are very welcome to come and visit your sponsor horse and possibly help groom it. As a sponsor, you also automatically become a member of the association and receive our membership magazine.